What to expect after your COVID-19 vaccination - advice for children and young people and translations

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This updated leaflet will be issued to children and young people after they have received their COVID-19 vaccine. It explains about the vaccine, potential side effects and what to do next.

A large print accessible version of this leaflet is available below as a Word document.

Translations of this leaflet are available to download below.

Signed videos of this information in BSL and ISL and are available to download below. The leaflets have been amended since the videos were produced to say that all young people aged 12 to 17 will be offered a second dose of vaccine, 12 weeks after the first. The changes are at the following timecodes: 

BSL: 06:15 - 06:44 and 07:17 - 07:29

ISL:  05:03 - 05:28 and 05:52 - 06:07


1/3 A4 8 pages
Target group
Children and young people receiving the COVID-19 vaccine