Understanding COVID-19: Viewpoints

Gloved hands performing an antibody test

Dr Janice Bailie, Assistant Director, R&D Division, PHA

Man grabs his wife's arm.

Deirdre Webb, PHA and Edel Fox, Omagh Women’s Aid

COVID-19 statistics graphic

Dr Lynsey Patterson, Head of Health Protection Surveillance, PHA, and Dr Claire Neill, Specialty Registrar in Public Health, PHA

A parent and child looking at a tablet computer

Claire Dorris, National Children’s Bureau and Maurice Meehan, Public Health Agency

Grow your own vegetables image

Dianne Keys, The Conservation Volunteers, and Laura Taylor, PHA.

COVID-19 research graphic

Dr Clive Wolsley, Programme Manager, HSC R&D Division.

Rehabilitation image

Michelle Tennyson, Assistant Director of Allied Health Professions, Personal and Public Involvement and Patient Experience, Public Health Agency.

Drinking during lockdown

Danny Sinclair, Health & Social Wellbeing Improvement Manager at the Public Health Agency, discusses drinking during lockdown for Northern Ireland Alcohol Awareness Week.

Home schooling

By Claire Dorris, National Children’s Bureau and Maurice Meehan, PHA.

Testing water graphic

Brendan Bonner, Assistant Director at the Public Health Agency, looks at an unusual innovation.