Telemonitoring NI

Telemonitoring involves remotely monitoring patients who are not at the same location as the health care provider. A patient has a number of monitoring devices at home, the results of these devices will be sent via telephone to the health care provider. It is a convenient way for patients to avoid travel and to perform some of the more basic work of healthcare for themselves.

Bowel cancer screening programme awareness campaign: Radio advertisement

Bowel cancer is a significant cause of ill health and premature death.

Bowel cancer screening programme awareness campaign: Television advertisement

Bowel cancer is a significant cause of ill health and premature death.

Early years intervention conference

A key theme of the Public Health Agency (PHA) is to ‘give every child and young person the best start in life’. Investment in the early years brings significant benefits later in life across areas such as health and wellbeing, education, employment, reduced violence and crime. Consequently, the agency is committed to pursuing strong evidence-based programmes to build resilience and promote health and wellbeing.

Smoking webcast

Smoking is the single greatest preventable cause of death in the world today and the Public Health Agency has been at the fore in ensuring that stop smoking support is available for smokers who want to quit, protecting non-smokers from the dangers of second-hand smoke and helping to ensure that young people don't start smoking.

It All Adds Up!

Physical activity (at least 30 minutes most days for adults and 60 minutes every day for kids) is crucial for good health. Physical activity is especially important for children if they are to grow into healthy adults. Getting active now will benefit them throughout their lives.

Visit www.getalifegetactive.com for more information.

PHA uses webcast to promote health messages

This webcast features Dr Carolyn Harper, Director of Public Health for the Public Health Agency, discussing the Director of Public Health Annual report for 2009. The report outlines some of the main public health challenges in Northern Ireland and highlights a selection of the invaluable work that has been undertaken at grass-roots level to address these.