Getting information where it is needed

Information is a vital resource for the PHA and its’ partner organisations. Health intelligence works to ensure that it is available and fit for purpose.

A key element of this is working collaboratively with partners in the Health and Social Care Board, the DHSSPS, the Centre of Excellence in QUB, NISRA and many others to disseminate information and develop new or better sources of information on public health.

In any year a large element of health intelligence resource is taken up with -

  • Ongoing support to public relations;
  • Research and evaluation input to public information campaigns;
  • Input into resource development such as public leaflets;
  • Presentations by Health Intelligence staff or other PHA staff;
  • Support to local health and well being offices on individual topics or projects;
  • Development of the ‘Core Tables’ for the DPH annual report;
  • Specific briefings on topics such as breastfeeding, suicide, trends in births, the all island traveller study, alcohol and life expectancy.