Brucellosis (human)

Brucellosis is a bacterial infection caused by various species of the Brucella bacteria. This disease primarily affects animals like cattle, goats, and pigs, however, it can also infect humans, typically through direct contact with infected animals or consumption of contaminated animal products such as unpasteurised milk or undercooked meat. Brucellosis in humans can lead to flu-like symptoms, including fever, muscle pain, and fatigue, and in severe cases, it can affect various organs, including the liver, spleen, and joints. The significance of brucellosis lies in its potential to become a public health concern, as it can spread from animals to humans, especially those working closely with livestock.

Brucellosis in Northern Ireland

From 1970 there has been a total number or 6 confirmed cases of Brucellosis in Northern Ireland.

For more information about Brucellosis, or if you believe you may have Brucellosis, please visit NI Direct (Brucellosis).