Text-A-Nurse - parents, carers and school staff

Text-A-Nurse is now available for parents, carers and school staff.

It enables caregivers to access professional nursing advice on young people’s health issues.

This builds on the existing service which has been available to children of this age themselves since 2021. More info on the service for young people can be found at www.pha.site/TextANurse

Text-A-Nurse parent, carers and school staff

The Public Health Agency and Department of Education initiative is delivered by School Nursing Teams across Northern Ireland and will now provide advice and guidance via a text messaging service to parents, carers and school staff on how to talk to 11 to 19-year-olds on sensitive topics such as emotional health and wellbeing, alcohol and drugs, sexual health, bullying and general health and wellbeing issues.

Messages can be sent anonymously and a qualified school nurse will respond using the secure ChatHealth web platform.

Each Health and Social Care Trust area has a dedicated text number to reach the school nurse, and the service operates Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm in both term-time and school holidays. You are guaranteed a response within 24 hours Monday to Friday. If a faster response is needed, you will be advised of where you can get urgent help.

The service will be for advice for care givers to 11-19-year-olds only.

Text-A-Nurse numbers for parents, carers and school staff:

  • Belfast Trust Text-A-Nurse: 07312 277418
  • South Eastern Trust Text-A-Nurse: 07312 277419
  • Western Trust Text-A-Nurse: 07312 277420
  • Southern Trust Text-A-Nurse: 07312 277421
  • Northern Trust: Text-A-Nurse: 07312 277422


ChatHealth is an award-winning service in the UK. More details can be found at www.chathealth.nhs.uk